Trailer Park Peril: Interactive Mystery Theatre Now Playing @ Spaghetti Warehouse in #Dayton and #Columbus

Join Timber Bob Twit and his cousins Misty Bob, Billie Bob, and Bobbie Jo Bob as they run the Big Bob Buffoonery Trailer Park. Their claim to fame is a holiday every day. The group plans festivities to celebrate the forgotten and minor holidays such as Middle Name Pride Day, Ex-Spouse Day, Panic Day, National “Joe” Day, and more. While the fun abounds, not everyone wants to partake in the festivities. Ida Sue is tired of the shenanigans, and Sairy-Mae thinks the noise is too much. Will Timber Bob and his cousins be able to keep the peace, or will the Trailer Park be trashed by those who want the games to stop? Throw on your camouflage and animal prints and join Mayhem & Mystery for a down-home mystery of Big Hair proportions.

Mondays & Select Fridays @ Spaghetti Warehouse in Dayton, OH
36 W. Fifth St. | 937.461.3913

Tuesdays in Columbus @ Spaghetti Warehouse Columbus, OH
397 W. Broad St. | 614.464.0143

Just $25.95 Dinner and Show*
* tax and gratuity not included


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